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I got sick again! I think it’s because the load of work and so much social activities, and my body can’t take it anymore. There are a lot of things going on…such as, I had my birthday on Nov 16th. 😀 Lots of surprises and gifts *happy* . I personally am not a big fan of birthdays or any kind of social gatherings, due to my introvert nature, but I always try to see it from another perspective….the fact that there are family and many friends that really care for me. Amongst the gifts are Yoga matt, running pants, and a scale. Hmm….really, all my friends are very supportive to get me exercise more regularly. Lol.

And there is a big event coming up next week at my work, so I have been working overtime. To be honest, it is not the overtime that bothers and tires me down, but dealing with difficult people and situation is. Oh well, I should complain no more!

So today I make another easy stir fry using corn noodle. I like corn noodle better than rice noodle because it is more forgiving to handle. It doesn’t get soggy too quickly. For the meat and veggies, and you can actually put whatever you like, just mix and match your favourite ingredients to achieve the color and texture you aim for.

The ketchup plays an important role. I watched a Jamie Oliver’s cook show on TV once, and his explanation why we use ketchup for certain dishes made a home run for me. Because ketchup has that (can’t really explain well, haha) quality. Simply put, ketchup makes us salivate, and that will enhance our taste bud.

Another ingredient that is unique to this dish is the Kalamansi lime. Even in Indonesia, I can’t always find it. I had to ask my friend that has a noodle shop to give me some. She actually has to bring them all the way from Sumatra for her shop. Kalamansi lime has the taste and smell between a lime and an orange. But if you do not have it, limes will do.

Ideally I would have use broth made from shrimp shell, but since I do not have it at the moment, I use water.
So here we go

• Handful of dry corn noodle. If you do not have corn noodle, rice noodle will do
• Chicken breast, cut into bite size
• 1 red bell pepper, sliced or cubed
• Handful of greens, chopped
• Handful of enoki mushroom, separated
• 2 scallions, sliced
• 2 kalamansi limes
• 4 tbsp of oil
• Salt & pepper to taste

• 6 red chillies
• 6 shallots
• 2 garlic
• 1 tbsp of kecap manis, If you do not have kecap manis, just use soy sauce and add sugar
• 2 tbsp of oyster sauce
• 4 tbsp of ketchup
1. Cook the noodle according to the package. Do not overcook it, because we will cook it again when we stir fry it.
2. Heat the wok and add oil. Cook the the paste until fragrant.
3. Add the meat, and cook until the pink color is gone.
4. Add the sauce.
5. Add the bell pepper and the noodles. If the noodle look dry, add the water, stir, and then cover.
6. Add the greens and enoki mushroom.
7. Add in the scallions. Cook briefly. Salt and pepper to taste.
8. And last, right before serving, squeeze in the Kalamansi limes.


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