braised-black-pepper-chicken-in-beer-copyHi, Readers!

I missed another post day last Tuesday because I got sick again. BUT there is also another reason –> I got a newborn nephew! His due date was supposedly not in another 2 weeks, but I guess he wanted to be out and about sooner. Lol. So I took a leave from the office and spent the whole day in the hospital with my family, still with my drowsy head.

This recipe was supposedly tested last Thursday, but life happens so I get to test it today. This is sooo easy, the original recipe is adapted and modified from The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World by Linda Lau Anusasananan. It is called SOY-GLAZED BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN, page 179.

The original recipe boasts its simplicity by only using 4 basic ingredients; Chicken, Soy Sauce, Black Pepper, and Cilantro. But for this experiment I want the end result to have more liquid with deep flavour, I braise it in BEER! Yes, beer! The darker the beer, the bitter and better it is. Do not worry, the alcohol is evaporated through the cooking process. I have a knack for bitter dishes because it reminds me of my Mom’s black chicken soup, but it you find this a little bit too bitter for your taste, you can always add a little bit of sugar accordingly.

The chilli is optional, the black pepper already give the dish enough heat. But I like hot food so much, so I add some. Wink.

Another thing which I like from this recipe is that it does not use any oil, which is always a healthier option for me that need to maintain my LDL cholesterol level low. Because it does not use any oil, the liquid leaves a clean after taste.

So here we go:



  • 1 whole chicken, divided into 8 pieces. Bone in, skin out.
  • 1 tbs black pepper, freshly crushed
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • ½ cup dark beer
  • Cilantro
  • Chillies
  • Salt & sugar to taste


I am not sure if there is any simpler method, since you only need to put all the ingredients together in one pan and cook it in low heat until the chicken is cooked and tender. Lol. I like this kind of cooking, while simplicity is at its best.


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