Tester Flop Day #1

Hi, Readers!

No pictures for this post…:p, because it’s a Tester Flop Day #1!

When I started this blog, I was already determined to religiously cook and post every Tuesday & Thursday each week. But it turns out that I got sick; I managed to post on Tuesday but had to rest for the rest of the week and miss the Thursday schedule.

So today I got better, and I thought I should try something. Cherry tomatoes, spinach, feta oatmeal egg muffin….sounds yummy and easy and good and healthy. Bingo! boy…was I not overly confident….It was the wrong batter, the wrong seasoning, even the wrong muffin bake ware. Now I am stuck with the responsibility to finish it and cleaning up, even tho my mind already thinking some other recipes.

Ah, we really have to take life easy ey? no grumbling……After all, that’s what kitchenLAB is….a laboratory, mistakes are welcome (not too often, please!)

Adios Amigos


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